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Google has now added kotlin as an official language for Android Development. Kotlin is an Android-compatible language that is concise, Safe, Interoperable and Tool friendly. Primary sponsor of Kotlin is JetBrains, the company behind tools like IntelliJ. It’s 100 percent interoperable with Java, which was Google’s primary language for writing Android apps.

In their official website they have posted ,"We believe Kotlin is an excellent fit for Android not only because it gives developers what they want, but also because it matches the spirit of Android. Just like Android, Kotlin has always been an open source project, primarily under Apache 2. It involves an entire community and does not belong to just one company. So we’re working with JetBrains to move Kotlin into a non-profit foundation. Our choice of Kotlin reaffirms our commitment to an open developer ecosystem as we evolve and grow the Android platform, and we are excited to see the language evolve.”

JetBrain's Kotlin was released in 2012 and version 1.0 was released on February 15, 2016. Google’s own Android Studio is based on the JetBrains IntelliJ Java IDE, and the upcoming version of Android Studio will support it out of the box.

Kotlin is quite similar to Apple's Swift.

Android studio 3.0 and later upcoming versions will automatically support Kotlin by default , till date developers were using Kotlin Plugin. Debugging kotlin code will be same as debugging java code in android studio . We can create kotlin project , convert java code into kotlin, debug it and fully work with kotlin only as you used to with java.

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